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Add send message shortcut

nannanko Suki requested to merge nannanko/13-send-message-shortcut into servant

Checklist | 检查清单

Before marking this merge request as Ready, the following must be done:


  • The code must compile. Preferably, each commit should compile.


  • Any added UI text must be translated via l10n.get(). The messages must be translated into every core language: en, cmn.

    任何添加的 UI 文字都要用 l10n.get() 翻译。 讯息必须翻译成所有核心语言:en,cmn。

    • The merge request creator must translate each message into one of the core languages. The others can be handled by others.

      开合并请求的人必须把每条讯息翻译成一种核心语言。 别的可以给别人做。

  • If the merge request contains a user-visible change, it must have a changelog.


Edited by nannanko Suki

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